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Qatar is my family!

In 2017, when brotherly Qatar was experiencing serious difficulties, being under a real blockade, groups of volunteers around the world created the project "Qatar, my family!"
People of good will from different countries came to the defense of this small but proud Arab country, its people and the principles of justice and freedom!

This happened thanks to the great authority of Qatar both in the Muslim world and in the international community.

The movement was called upon to support the state of Qatar through the efforts of young and enterprising representatives of international civil society through an accessible and understandable message for everyone — "Qatar is my family!"

By uttering this slogan, hundreds of representatives of different countries, nationalities and religions demonstrated unity with Qatar and its destiny. In this way, people around the world expressed love and respect for the state of Qatar and its leadership, expressing true freedom of speech through global social networks.

With a large following in the media, QMF has done its part to support the freedom of Qatar and its people!

Al Hamdulillah! To date, Qatar and its neighboring fraternal Arab countries have settled all misunderstandings, and the Khalija region once again demonstrates to the whole world an example of stability, mutual understanding and dynamic development!

It is important to note that this volunteer movement supported the initiative of the majority of Muslim leaders in Europe and by the end of 2018 joined the creation of our pan-European platform "European Muslim Forum".