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International roundtable of the European Muslim Forum in Novy Pazar
29 June 2021
June 29, at the Islamic Institute in Novi Pazar, the largest Muslim educational institution in Serbia, an international round table dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Akhmat-haji Kadyrov is being held: "Islamic enlightenment is the basis for the development of Muslims in Europe", which is held by the European Muslim Forum in cooperation with the Spiritual unification of Muslims of Serbia.

The importance of this event is difficult to overestimate, since Muslims of Serbia, like no one else, know and understand how important Muslim education and enlightenment are for opposing extremist ideology, as well as for consolidating the Muslim ummah and building good-neighborly relations with the surrounding Christian population.

The round table was held at a high representative level, despite the ongoing restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic - it brought together at least 50 Muslim scholars, public, political and religious leaders from all over Serbia. Representatives of 9 other European states (Georgia, Romania, Italy, France, Lithuania, Russia, Bosnia, etc.) also took part in the round table.

The participants of the event emphasized the high role of Akhmad-Hadji Kadyrov not only in the restoration of Chechnya and building harmonious relations between Russia and the entire Muslim world, but also the importance of his mission as an example for the Muslims of Serbia, who, through their efforts and efforts, have also achieved mutually respectful and trusting relations with the central authorities. and the main population of their country. Moreover, today Serbia has achieved the best relations with the Muslim world in its entire history, which is manifested both in the political and economic, as well as in the spiritual and cultural spheres.

The participants of the round table, taking advantage of such a significant date, the 70th anniversary of Akhmad-khadzhi Kadyrov and knowing the desire of the leader of the Chechen Republic, follower and successor of his father's work, Ramzan Kadyrov, to help Muslims, including in the Balkans, officially turned to the leadership of Chechen Republic with a request to build the largest complex of the school of the Quran-hafiz in the region in the city of Novi Pazar. They decided that if a positive response to this request is received, then this school will bear the name of Akhmad-Hadji Kadyrov, moreover, some speakers made a proposal that the street on which this school will be located in the future will also be named in honor of the first president and spiritual leader of the Chechen Republic.

The participants of the event noted that the Muslims of Serbia look with hope at their Chechen brothers, who, having restored their republic from the ruins, are now helping to raise spirituality in other countries.
The Mufti of Serbia, Sheikh Mevlud Dudich, plans to meet with his colleague, the Mufti of Chechnya, Salah-Hadji Mezhiyev, in the near future and discuss the details of the implementation of this project.

After the completion of the International Roundtable, the participants of the event who arrived from abroad were given an excursion to the sights of Novi Pazar, including the Gazilar mosque, which was opened quite recently, at the end of Ramadan, and the historical mosques of the city. It should be noted that in the city of Novi Pazar with a population of only 125 thousand people, 85% of whom are Muslims, there are at least 65 (!) Mosques. So it is not for nothing that this city bears the status of the Muslim capital of Serbia, being at the same time one of the main spiritual Muslim centers of all the Balkans and even Europe.