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Great news from Turkey!

The current leader of the state, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is preparing for the next presidential term.
Justice and Development Party has nominated Erdogan, who over the years has become a heavyweight and patriarch of the pro-Islamic vector in the politics of the country and around the world, as the candidate of the People’s Alliance in next year’s presidential elections. This was announced to journalists on Saturday by the press secretary of the party, Omer Celik, following the results of its congress. "The candidate from the People’s Alliance will be our President Tayyip Erdogan. We have finally decided on this topic," he said.

Presidential and parliamentary elections in Turkey are scheduled for June 2023. The EMF expresses its support for the pro-Islamic forces of this great Muslim country and wishes its leader to lead the state for more than one term. In this regard, it is appropriate to recall this archival photo from the distant 2002. On it, the future president of the EMF, Abdul-Vahed Niyazov, congratulates the Turkish leader on the first parliamentary victory of the Justice and Development Party. 20 years have passed, and Rejep Bay is still full of strength and readiness to lead its people and Fatherland forward!