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European Muslim Forum, Barcelona
8 – 10 October 2018
European Muslim leaders gathered in Barcelona to set up a new breakthrough project called “European Muslim Forum” (EMF).

It is for the first time in the history of Europe that Muslims of the Continent have come up with such an ambitious initiative to unite their efforts in solving the problems of European Muslim communities as well as the wider European community.

The meeting was imbued with appeals to realize the fact that the history of the relationship development between Islam and Europe dates back many hundreds of years, starting from the 7th century. Landmarks of mutual complicity regarding the Islamic religion and European culture indicate the extent to which the Muslim community has become an integral part of the European family of nations over the centuries.

Centuries of coexistence between the Muslim community and the peoples of Europe have resulted in Muslims becoming the largest ethno-religious minority on the continent, as the total Muslim population of Greater Europe, including Turkey, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan, is estimated to be in the region of 170 million people.

Underlining the necessity of the creation of the European Muslim Forum, the participants of the Barcelona meeting noted that, considering the increasing role of Muslims in the public, cultural and economic life of Europe, it is essential to activate and coordinate the efforts of the representatives of the European Muslim establishment. The newly created Forum is meant to become a sort of a bridge between the Muslim establishment and the elite of the European continent; between Muslim communities and representatives of other beliefs, as well as the wider community of European people; between the Muslim world and international, pan-European and national political structures of the region.

According to the general consensus of participants, the European Muslim Forum is seen as a consolidated public platform for the joint resolution of common problems faced by European countries.

The Forum is expected to contribute to the formation of positive scenarios for the development of the Muslim community within the context of the development of Greater Europe. One of the key features of the Forum is the plan for this platform to unite leaders from amongst the European Muslims, and will be working with them in order to form constructive processes for the development of the European Muslim community.

European Muslim Forum is planning to cooperate with state structures, NGOs, establishments, business-communities and the media of European countries. European Muslim Forum is equidistant from all political entities, movements and unions regardless of their creed.

It is the first time in the history of Greater Europe, that Muslims of the Continent have announced such a large-scale public, cultural and civilizational agenda and imposed on themselves an ambitious task of consolidating the efforts of all constructive Muslim leaders for sustainable and positive development of European countries in cooperation with the growing Muslim community of the Continent.
The following objectives of the European Muslim Forum need to be mentioned.
Assistance in finding optimal and effective models for the integration of Muslim migrants into the European society.
Assistance in the construction and development of mosques and Islamic cultural centres in European countries.
Organization of a series of regular public events, aiming at the popularization of European Islamic cultural heritage, in the form of Muslim culture festivals of various scales and yearly European Muslim conventions in different European countries.
Development of online educational projects to reach wider audience from amongst the Muslim youth.
Assistance in development of Halal industry in European countries to satisfy the growing demand from the representatives of European Muslim communities.
To better reach such a large-scale and ambitious agenda, the European Muslim Forum is planning to open its offices in such European capitals as London, Brussels, Moscow, Istanbul, Barcelona and others.

The Forum will have an Honorary board, to which the most influential and authoritative leaders of the Muslim world will be invited. Also, there will be a Knowledge board comprised of Muftis, Imams, Muslim scholars and thinkers.

Assalamu aleikum
Best regards,
Mr. Aslan Mazukabzov
Secretary, European Muslim Forum