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Online expanded board meeting of the European Muslim Forum on the pandemic Covid-19
15 April 2020
11th (3rd online) expanded session of the Board of the European Muslim Forum about EMF activities after the pandemic.

Moderator of the Session: Jakubauskas Romas, Mufti of Lithuania, Member of Board of European Muslim Forum, Vilnius, Lithuania

Opening address: Abdul-Vakhed Niyazov, President of the European Muslim Forum, Brussels/Barcelona

1. Preparation for EMF’s first conference – “Post-pandemic Ummah: leaders’ opinion” that will be held online on 23.06.2020.

– Sir Sacranie Iqbal OBE, Founding Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain, Member of Board of European Muslim Forum, London, UK.
– Mukhetdinov Damir, First Vice-Chairman of the Spiritual Board of Muslims of Russian Federation, Member of Board of European Muslim Forum Saint Petersburg/Moscow, Russia.

2. Outlining the position of EMF regarding the global anti-racism movement.

– Lord Ahmed Nazir, Member of the House of Lords of the UK Parliament, London, UK.
– Stamu Anna, Head of Muslim Association of Greece, Athens, Greece.

3. Information on the present situation with the Danish Islamic Centre after the fire in Ramadan.

– Touimi Anouar, President of Scandinavian Council for Relations, Copenhagen Denmark.
– Pedersen Abdul-Wahid, Imam of Danish speaking Muslims / Danish Islamic Centre, Copenhagen, Denmark.

4. Speeches and Discussions.

– Omarov Gadzhimurad, Deputy of the State Duma (Parliament) of Russian Federation from the Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia.
– Miguel Angel Ruiz, President of Barcelona Mosque Cultural Foundation, member of Board of European Muslim Forum, Barcelona, Spain.
– Akkad Nader, Imam of Islamic Centre Trieste, Rome, Italy.
– Askari Karim, Executive Director at the Muslim Foundation of Iceland, Reykjavik, Iceland.
– Al-Ahmad Ali Dawoud Jumma, Imam Hussein International Foundation, Cordoba Foundation of Geneva, Al Kalima Center for Dialogue and Cooperation, Geneva, Switzerland.
– Al Qadri Shaykh Umar, Chief Imam & Mufti Islamic Center of Ireland, Chair of Irish Muslim Peace & Integration Council, Dublin, Ireland.
– Munir David, Imam of the Central Mosque of Lisbon, Portugal.
– Guseinov Shikhabudin, Deputy Mufti of Dagestan, Makhachkala, Russia.
– Onniselka Suaad, Muslim Association of Finland, Helsinki.
– Kurbanov Ruslan, Famous Journalist, University of Brussels, Belgium.

Conclusion: Mazukabzov Aslan, Secretary of EMF, Head of the Executive Committee, Nalchik, Russia.