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The largest publication in Germany and, perhaps, the whole of Europe — "Die Welt" - once again drew attention to the activities of the EMF.

Naturally, it would be naive to expect positive reviews, especially when a journalist known for his anti-Islam and Muslim prejudice takes on the case. The reality is that there is no other way in today’s "liberal" media: they refrain from placing benevolent accents when it comes to Muslim socio-political initiatives. As you know, recognition and popularity come to Islamic organizations and Muslim personalities in Europe precisely through the negative hype in the press and on television.
At the same time, we must pay tribute to the fact that today’s article "Die Welt" is more competent and complementary in relation to the EМF than the first one. Given the positive response among Muslims to the earlier publication in the same edition of 2020, we expect a similar response from our esteemed brothers and sisters this time.

We believe that the success of our upcoming events, including the big meeting in Belgrade and the opening of the EМF humanitarian corridor to Ukraine, will only strengthen our positions and make our organization even more reckoned with.

We hope that our representatives, most of whom themselves have gone through or are going through pressure of "liberal" media are sympathetic to their inherent excessive bias in the presentation of material. This only indicates that the EMF is now becoming a factor that cannot be overlooked, no matter how much our ill-wishers would like it to be. The only difference is that Muslims perceive the increased activity of the EYF with positive emotions, while enemies and opponents gloat fruitlessly.

We know that the road will be mastered by the walking one. Our just and good deeds for the benefit of the Ummah will speak for us!