MARCH 12, 2020



Session of Muslim leaders of Europe (9th Expanded Board Meeting of European Muslim Forum), March, 12, 2020


- Current situation with the rise of Xenophobia and far-right sentiments in Europe: Increasing Islamophobia and Antisemitism. Anti-immigrant hysteria. (Sir Iqbal Sacranie OBE, Founding Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain, UK)

- An appeal for peace from the Muslims of Europe to the conflicting parties in three Muslim countries overtaken by war: Syria, Libya and Yemen. Readiness of European Muslims to become peacemakers in these conflicts. (Abdul Wahid Pedersen, Imam of Danish speaking Muslims / Danish Islamic Centre, Copenhagen, Denmark)


- Outlining the position of the European Ummah regarding Al-Quds (Jerusalem) and Palestine in the light of the recent events and the upcoming meeting with President Mahmoud Abbas. (Ruslan Kurbanov, University of Brussels, Belgium)


- Deterioration of the situation in India. Outburst of attacks against Muslims in India. Islamophobic policies affecting the 200-million Indian Muslim community. (Lord Nazir Ahmed, member of the House of Lords of the United Kingdom. – Haji Syed Salman Chishty Gaddi Nashin – Dargah Ajmer Sharif Chairman – Chishty Foundation)


- Founding a European Islamic Bank with its headquarters in Luxembourg (Zia Amanullah, Fellow, Institute of Chartered Certified Accountants, UK, Luxembourg)


- On the necessity of creation of a centralized system of Halal and Kashrut certification, and a unified standard of animal slaughter in the European Union (Shaykh Romas Jakubauskas, Mufti of Lithuania, Vilnius, Lithuania)


- Inclusion of new members to the Council and Executive Committee of EMF. Introduction of a role of EMF Advisers and inclusion of prominent European Muslims as Advisers. Online-conferences with new members of EMF team (Malik Ruiz, Head of Muslim community, Barcelona, Spain)


- Activity plan for the Spring/Summer 2020 and the conclusion of the Meeting results (Abdul-Vakhed Niyazov, President of EMF, Moscow, Russia)

Moderator of the Meeting (Aslan Mazukabzov, Secretary of EMF, Head of the Executive Committee of EMF, Tirana, Albania)