With the purpose of strengthening peace and cooperation between the representatives of the Abrahamic faiths, we, as representatives of Europe's Muslim communities, on behalf of the European Muslim Forum, adopt this Manifesto that appeals to all people of goodwill.

Centuries of inter-religious conflicts and the devastating World Wars that stole the lives of millions during the 20th century have brought the leaders of Abrahamic religions together today with the aim of formulating a new model of interaction and cooperation for the sake of strengthening peaceful and neighbourly relations.

The recent meeting of Pope Francis and the Head of Al Azhar University, Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayyib in Abu Dhabi resulted in the adoption of a comprehensive declaration calling all believing Christians and Muslims to peace and to counter violence using all legitimate means.

We, the representatives of the European Muslim Forum, fully support this appeal, and remark that without such steps towards each other by believers of different faiths, it is difficult to imagine today the development of inter-religious dialogue and cooperation.

Our joint effort in the preservation of our common human family, public ethics and morals, and the principles of multicultural and multi-confessional peaceful coexistence in all countries should become the basis for the development of such a dialogue and cooperation.

These values are common for representatives of all religions and are the principles that we should use to counter extremist ideologies, such as Neo-Nazis, racism and Islamophobia.

This is why we, as representatives of the European Muslim Forum, invite all people of goodwill, spiritual leaders, politicians, journalists and the business community to assist us in making our world a safer and more peaceful place.